Causal Learning Focal Point - Convent, LA

The Causal Learning Process Focal Point is the site subject matter expert for the Causal Learning Process. The purpose of the Causal Learning Focal Point Position is to increase the capacity of the site to create the desired performance from understanding the underlying causes of performance problems currently experienced, and to establish learning as a key driver for improving and sustaining business performance.
Work Process implementation is completed and sustained according to site expectations and consistent with global manufacturing requirements.
Work process metrics are properly calculated and reported.
Work process documentation is suitable for the applicable audience and available to the process performers.
Effective practices from other sites is sought out and considered for implementation.
Site effective practices and lessons learned are shared externally.
Site work process materials are updated to reflect work process improvements and lessons learned.
A site implementation plan is executed for globally approved changes to the process or IT tools.
Achieve mastery level competence with the Causal Learning Work Process, integration with other processes and contribution to delivering results.
Facilitate Level 2 and 3 investigations.
Design and facilitate learning sessions from causal investigations.
Understand the site improvement initiatives and business plans and how they support business improvement performance and profitability.
Understand aspects of site manufacturing results: HSE, production, reliability, maintenance, fixed and variable cost.
Monitor and improve work process performance across the site: train, mentor and support the investigators and work process performers. Identify and resolve local integration issues with other work processes, document non-compliance and improvement plans.
Increase site capacity for causal learning by training and mentoring Causal Learning practitioners, facilitating investigations/causal efforts and by the sharing of supporting principles and practices, standards, materials, experiences and learnings.
Support development of near-term corrective action plans and long-term performance improvement strategies from a deeper understanding of causes of current performance (at component and system levels).
Ensure incident investigations are conducted and reported according to all applicable laws, regulations and Company requirements.
Support management and work process effectiveness reviews: interpret process measurements and recommend improvement plans, conduct health checks and audits as requested.
Champion the Causal Learning Process: communicate performance, challenges, accomplishments and successes. Demonstrate the contribution of the work process to the site business results.
Contribute to Process Networks: Regionally as a member, contribute to Global Process Networks and M Task Teams when requested, participate to health checks and process effectiveness reviews external to site when requested, suggest work process improvements to the Global Process Network and Global Process Owner.
The Causal Learning Process Focal Point works across the Site from Leadership to the Front Line. This person is the strategic and tactical support for the Site Process Owner and has the authority for the following actions:
Coach employees on work process compliance requirements, work process skills and behaviors that enable the work process.
Deliver wok process related training to work process performers and managers.
Provide performance appraisal input on key work process roles that work for other managers.
Intervene when a site practice of behavior impedes work process performance or value.
Escalate issues to the Site Work Process Owner, Site Managers and Global Process Owners when needed.
Acquire information to prepare health checks, management reviews, work process effectiveness reviews and audits.
Approve work process IT training for use at the site.
Request help from the Global Process Owner or other Site Process Focal Points.

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