Corrosion and Materials Engineer - Convent, LA

Provide technical support in regard to (PEI) Pressure Equipment Integrity corrosion and materials issues and work effectively in a team environment with other PEI Engineers and inspectors, other refinery support staff in Process Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, Turnaround and Major Projects. Work to proactively prevent LOPCs and Production Reliability events by process monitoring, inspection, metallurgy changes, T/A scope definition, Monitoring of IOWs (Integrity Operating Windows) and other work processes and standards. Makes adjustments real time to these process as required.
Provide material selection and technical support to assist process engineers, operations specialists, and PEI Inspectors in day-to-day activities related to metallurgy, welding, and corrosion control.
Accountable for corrosion and materials engineering upkeep of unit Corrosion Control Documents (CCD's), CCD training, IOW limits and inputs for site Shell Risk Based Inspection (SRBI) process. Working with PEI inspectors and engineers to develop and integrate CCD recommendations into piping and equipment inspection strategies.
Regular monitoring of identified IOWs (Integrity Operating Windows) within the process units that may affect degradation of piping and equipment. Maintain monthly IOW unit reviews for the process units. Make recommendations based on deviations from IOW limits. Update any IOWs using the site MOC process including Ensure Safe Production (ESP) work process (if applicable).
Coordinate corrosion monitoring, data gathering and their subsequent use for inspection planning. Provide technical input to chemical inhibitor programs, boiler feed water, and cooling water treatment programs, and other chemical treatment programs.
Work with Business Planning and Process Engineering to manage changing crude slates and provide recommendations for metallurgy upgrades, proactive monitoring, and inspection strategies to maintain reliability and process safety.
Support with Corrosion Reviews and SRBI validations when performed for inspection interval setting and inspection planning.
Assist in performing root cause analysis, coordinate failure analysis activities, and recommend mitigation methods for corrosion and materials issues, including repair strategies and replacement decisions.
Coordinate development of data sheets and SRBI risk ranking for injection/mix points and dead legs. Be able to work with the projects and run and maintain organization to ensure that any new injection/mix points and dead legs are captured.
Assist in developing and implementing welding and PWHT procedures and troubleshoot welding problems when they occur.
Network with other Corrosion & Materials Engineers in Shell or professional organizations to learn from, share location experiences, assist in review and improvement of Company Standards, Asset Management Systems, LFIs and IOW standards.
Support integration of Shared Stewardship of Assets for PEI across entire organization and help others in the organization understand their role in maintaining equipment integrity as related to corrosion control and proper design and maintenance of pressure equipment.

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